Rates & Types of Editing

Type of Work (descriptions below)Estimated PaceFee & Deposit
Minimum work = $10/30 mins
Basic copy editing5-10 pages/hour$25/hour deposit $5
Heavy copy editing2-5 pages/hour$35/hour deposit $10
Line editing1-4 pages/hour$40/hour deposit $10
Proofreading9-13 pages/hour$20/hour deposit $5
Fact checkingvariable$30/hour deposit $10
Website editing/proofreadingvariable$20/hour deposit $5
Thesis/Dissertation editing$8/page deposit $10

Types of Editing Offered
Examples of projects accepted: letter, cover letter, newsletter, essay, thesis, dissertation, research paper, short story, novel, website.

Basic copy editing: double-checking accuracy and pointing out grammatical issues.
Heavy copy editing: correcting flow and where to re-work portions of the text.
Line editing: where to restructure paragraphs, add or change content, and correct style, flow, grammar, or consistency.
Proofreading: a surface reading to check for those minor spelling, grammar, and punctuation issues that our brains tend to ignore once the project is nearly finished.

Each type of copy editing provides for a different level of revision suggestions, with proofreading being the fastest yet most detailed and line editing the most in-depth and comprehensive.

Fact checking: looking specifically at any and all facts contained in the project with an eye toward making sure the information is correct. Pace will depend on number and types of facts to be considered.

Website editing/proofreading: checking over all pages of an existing website for errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, broken links, and inconsistencies of content.

Thesis/Dissertation editing: proofreading, line editing, and copy editing are all included in this service. Fee is based on the number of pages rather than an hourly rate and can easily be calculated ahead of time. Fact checking, if desired, can be requested in addition to editing, or instead of editing, and will be charged at the rate stated above.


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