How Does This Work?

  1. Contact us using the cost estimate submission form. Please fill it out as thoroughly as possible. The more we know about your project the better able we’ll be to provide an accurate estimate of the time and cost involved. You can find an explanation of the different types of editing services we offer here. On the form choose the level of editing that is closest to what you think you require. Most communication will take place by e-mail, so a valid e-mail address you check frequently is a must. A phone number is optional and will only be used if an emergency comes up. If you think there’s something more we should know about your project, be sure to include it in the last box.
  1. We will send back an estimate of how long your project will take and the approximate cost, including the deposit amount needed to reserve our services. The deposit is non-refundable, but the amount will be deducted from the final total for the project. This estimate is not binding, and the final cost may change depending on the amount of work actually performed. All estimates are based on the cost breakdown listed on the editing rates chart. The minimum rate is $10 for 30 minutes of editing.
  1. If you wish to engage our services as laid out in the estimate, simply e-mail a digital copy of your project to The Other Lines and submit the non-refundable deposit to Paypal here. (You can send payment using a credit or debit card even if you do not have a Paypal account!) This will serve as our contract that says the work will be completed in the manner and time frame agreed upon. Work will not begin until the deposit is received and the timeline for completion will commence at that point.

  2. NOTE: The document you send must be a complete draft–not an outline, not a list of notes, not a first draft. It should be as complete as you can make it and only in need of some final touches to finish it off. Yes, we were English majors. No, we will not write your paper for you. We will polish your words, however, to the best of our ability based on the quality of what you send us. If we don’t have enough to work with, you’re just wasting your money and our time.

  1. Once the work is complete, we will send an invoice through Paypal for the total cost, minus the amount of the deposit. When payment is received, the project will be returned to the same e-mail from whence it came. We will not return work to any e-mail other the one that was used for sending the project, so make sure you use the same address throughout our transaction. The full balance must be paid within 24 hours unless other arrangements have already been discussed and agreed upon.

As you can see this is not a quick process, although most projects can be completed within 4 – 7 business days (work hours 8AM to 5PM, Monday – Friday). To avoid panic situations and anxious e-mails, please allow for at least 5 days between submission and return of your work. No project will be accepted that allows less than 48 hours for completion.

That’s all there is to it! If you still have questions or concerns, check out the Rights & Responsibilities information page before you make a decision. If you have further questions, email us and we’ll do our best to provide answers.


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