Everyone’s Rights & Responsibilities

Please be sure you agree to the following terms before requesting services.

You have the right to a fair estimate, a reasonable deadline, and courteous communication with The Other Lines Editing Services. Your work will never be retained or used in any way that would violate your rights as the owner of the material. All editing work by us should be considered a paid service with no impact on your copyright or general rights to your intellectual property.

You have the right to privacy. The Other Lines Editing Services will never disclose your e-mail address or other personal information, including information from your project, to a third party without a court order. If there is any question about the sensitivity of the data you provide, we will both sign an electronic Confidentiality Agreement before work begins.

You are responsible for making sure that the project you provide for editing is your own work and does not infringe on the copyright of another person. You are also responsible for adhering to the editing contract and paying in a timely manner.

The Other Lines Editing Services are responsible for handling the information you send to us in a timely, efficient, and professional manner. We will guard your personal information and intellectual rights to the best of our ability, and return your project within the agreed-upon timeline.

Editors for The Other Lines Editing Services reserve the right to refuse any project at their own discretion. If we suspect that the information sent to us was copied from another source, we will issue a refusal to edit. Materials containing pornography, hate speech, and realistic violence and death will be evaluated by the editors and may be rejected depending on the context. If a deposit has already been sent, that deposit will be returned.

If you find these terms of service to be acceptable, click the link below to go to the Cost Estimate Request Form.


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